EN 303 340 test system BTS introduce

The system hardware include two vector signal generators. It compatible main instruments manufactor. Like R&S, Keysight(Agilent) and so on. It can use the instruments which test lab already have to lower the cost. The demo system use one Agilent model N5182A and one R&S model SMBV100A for signal generators. See Picture 6. After instruments connection, Open the software, The UI is simple. Picture 7 is use for instrument connection. Picture 8 is use for selecting Eut type. After selecting it, it will generator the test items as standard requirement. Picture 8-12 is detail of test items. Picture 13 is the test result page.

Picture 6: BTS(303 340)test system

Picture 7: Instrument connection

Picture 8:EuT type

Picture9: Sensitivity test

Picture 10: Adjacent channel selectivity test

Picture 11: Blocking test

Picture 12: Overloading test

Picture 13: Test result


Technical note of test systme:

  • Useful signal generated by model N5182A

Interference signal is generated by model SMBV100A

Some wave power comfirm

Short_UE-Video-Stream_V2 waveform

“LTE_BS-idle_V3_synth” waveform


Because the video should use eye to observer. The software can’t finish test full automatic. You should click the button as software design. Every steps have setup according to standard.

EN 303 372-2 is similar as standard EN303 340. We didn’t introduce it in details。

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